Thursday, July 7, 2016

To Have and To Hold

Guys, my best friend just got married...

I remember the first time I met Erica.  It was Freshman orientation and our eyes locked onto each other and as we got closer and closer, we introduced ourselves-- 

“Hi, I’m Lina.” 

“My name’s Erica.” 

Those exact words, probably not, but definitely with her teeth exposed and her cheeks chubbier (but cuter) than ever.

We literally spent the entire day exploring the campus and when it came down to actually sleeping in the dorm rooms, her room was a couple doors down.  Our other friends Anahi and Gina were hauling Erica’s bed into my room, and the rest was history.  Let’s just say I got lucky that night.  From our moments of sleeping together the first day to parasailing along the Californian coast to our foodie adventures in Vegas, San Francisco, L.A…we’ve been inseparable.

The first time I met Son was actually at Eric’s birthday.  My impressions of him were pretty neutral.  Didn’t know who he was but as the years have gone by, he has proven to me that he’s more than worthy of taking my best friend by the hand.  The amount of compassion he has for Erica is immense—always trying to please her, making her his priority, and constantly seeking the best for the both of them.  I never thought that the lengthy kid with the cheesiest smile would be the one for her.  BUT there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll be a great husband for Erica. Throughout the 7 1/2 years, I’ve watched both of them grow a solid life together.

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Contrary to belief, I am truly Erica’s other half.  Son may believe that she will be his life partner but the truth of the matter is, I am her soulmate. Erica is the love of my life and as selfish as I want to be and have you all to myself, I’m ready to let you go to someone who is more than worth of taking care of you.  Congrats to you both Erica and Son, may you both live happily ever after. 


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