Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weekend Getaway: Coronado Island

You might have seen my Instagram spammed with images from San Diego last week.  We had no intentions to go anywhere anytime soon, but this spur-of-the-moment, last minute R&R getaway was much needed...

Even though San Diego is a part of SoCal, it's far from what Los Angeles has to offer.  Every time I've gone to SD, it felt like home away from home, Colorado's intimate yet relaxed atmosphere mixed in with San Francisco's energy.  There's something about San Diego that no other place offers.  It's always been this exciting new city I run away to whenever I crave adventure.

This time around we brought P-nut, but my poor baby couldn't handle the car ride and threw up in the back seat.  I don't blame her since you can never expect what traffic is like in SoCal, especially when a 30 minute drive becomes 2 hours...A good portion of the time I went snap happy hoping to get a good aerial view of my outfit:

It was only perfect for me to switch up my everyday dark hues to something whiter and brighter.  I decided to pair up my batik-like kimono my manager kindly gifted to me with my ivory-printed, paisley shorts that I've been eyeing on since I first saw it at Forever 21.  Both are visually astounding.  The patterns clash with one another, but it always helps to have a common denominator to bring the look together.  In this case, the blue hues and the ivory from the lace top, a perfect neutral that has added texture to it to complete the look.  I thought the pop of red/orange added a visual flavor, like when you see cherry tomatoes in a bed of greens.  

I have to admit, paisley was never my favorite pattern, but the modern take on it on the shorts gave it a hippie-esque vibe.  And if you look closely, there's contrast stitching that correlates with the cardigans intricate lines and design.  That and the cotton loop trim at the hem of the shorts sold me.

After getting all checked in and settled down, we were finally ready to head to Coronado to learn how to paddle-board!  I've never been so I was excited to try something new, but little did I know that paddle-boarding is no joke.  It requires strength in your legs and a great level of balancing skills or else you'll plop into the water hoping nothing in the water will get to you...

I do have a word of advice when it comes to paddle-boarding: Do not workout!  This was possibly my biggest mistake because I could feel the burning sensation in my thighs and calves from the intense Body Pump session I had a few hours before...I don't regret it but, the entire time I was pretty much on my knees and my butt..

Sadly, I forgot my SD card for my waterproof camera so I don't have any pictures that proves I've stood on the board for 3 seconds, but here's what the rest of the day looked like...

And of course, we had to stop by Phil's BBQ for dinner...Voted one of the 10 best restaurants in the US is pretty impressive.  Even though that title was given in 2011, it holds true today.  Let's just say the to-go line wait was 45 minutes and to dine-in, a good two hours...

Just recently I talked to my mom on the phone about life.  One thing she brought up out of the blue was "Lina, you need to go have fun and live life.  You're young and you need to enjoy it as much as you can now."  I wasn't sure what compelled her to say those words.  It's a mothers intuition, I bet you.  Even from far away, she knows... She knew that I was putting my life on hold and waiting for something.  I'm not sure what that something is, but it's something haha.  Maybe it's the thrill of an adventure that I miss or maybe I'm like a tiger at the zoo locked up when in reality I need to be wild and free... 

This little trip is a reminder of how happiness comes from taking action.  Not that I wasn't happy before, but waiting for opportunities to come rather than planning them myself has left me with a different mentality.  My little Coronado getaway was successful and if you're feeling you're stuck in a rut, maybe it's time for you to also explore and do things you've never done before.  It's time to take control of your own life.

A little bit of adventure never hurt nobody. ;)

Until next time,
Lina Chen

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