Monday, March 16, 2015

Meanwhile in Malibu...

Unlike any other Sundays, my morning started bright and early at 7:30AM, getting ready for the Escondido Falls hike with my friends Ruby and Edgar.  I've been wanting to go on this trail ever since I found out about it two years ago from a good friend who highly recommended it.  Known for it's sweet location outside of Malibu and the end-of-the-trail waterfalls, Escondido Falls gets a good amount of attention from hikers and tourists everywhere.  There's something about nature that soothes and calms me.  It's a fresh of breath air from the city.

Being a little bent and out of shape and perhaps I was wearing the wrong shoes (Modern Vice's sneaker wedges), my friends and I decided to stop here:

Apparently there is a second waterfall, located farther along the path, but the Californian drought convinced us that it might be as little or non-existent like the first one right here.  This will be on my list to hike again, but only after a good rain storm passes by.

The one good thing that came out of this hike was the surprise at the end:

The last time I came across a hidden swing was the trail to Hitlers Bunker and it was pure joy just swinging back and forth without any care in the world.  I remember the days I would swing my legs as far as I could so that I can feel my hair being pulled back as I "fly"

 After our intense, two hour hike, it was time for MY favorite part of the day (or any time when food is involved)--Lunch!  

On the way to Escondido Falls, I remember seeing the lonely pier along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) from afar in the car.  Secretly, at the time I wanted to check it out but wasn't sure if we would have a chance to walk along the boardwalk, but we did.

Luckily, as I was searching for delicious restaurants to try out along the PCH, Malibu Farm, the restaurant at the very end of the pier was highly suggested by reputable Yelpers.  That alone convinced us all to head over to Malibu Farm.  It was destined to be.  And I'm glad it was.

The line coiled a few feet away from the door, but don't let that fool you!  This tiny beach house-like restaurant has seating indoors and outside along the walls of the place, and on the second level for those who want more of a oceanic view.  

We opted the 2nd floor seating area to take-in the perfect weather and it's not every day you have the option to eat next to the beach... I mean, who doesn't want to see a seal swim while you're having your lunch?

As Ice Cube would put it "It was a good day!"

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