Sunday, March 8, 2015

Makeup Haul for Skincare

After working with a make-up obsessed co-worker of mine for three months now, whom I love dearly, has brought to my attention subconciously that I have pretty much neglected my day to day looks.  I've never really had the need to use make-up to look or feel beautiful.  Some days are rougher than others, but I've always loved myself for who I am.  Not only that, I'm the type of girl who goes for the natural look and wear minimal make-up on the daily.  A little BB Cream here and there, black liquid eyeliner, a little brow gel, and mascara to enhance those lashes and I'm good to go.  I'm pretty comfortable under my own skin, which is absolutely wonderful, but its time to step up my game, afterall, it doesn't hurt to boost your confidence. 

My main goal is to take better care of my skin.  In a way I wish I would have been more proactive about it when I was in my teens, but it's never too late to start now.  It's always great to moisturize your face because dehydration accelerates the aging process and having dry skin will cause more and more wrinkles.  Moisturizing your face will help slow down those processes and helps you look radient and glowing throughout the day.

The first item I wanted to highlight is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Nude.

I actually like this tinted moisturizer because it's fairly lighter than my BB Cream.  It feels so good against the skin, that sometimes I forget that I'm wearing the moisturizer.  Also, it has an SPF 20, just enough to help protect my skin if I were to walk in and out in the sun.  For me, any product that has SPF is important as it helps protect your skin from the sun, which is very damaging to the skin.  I've seen the result of young adults and women who have forgotten to wear any SPF and unfortunately, they look 5-10 years older!  So if you aren't protecting your face with an SPF moisturizer, then I recommend getting to it!

My next product review is for the Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer. 

To be honest, I have been eyeing on this primer since it's been on Sephora's sales floor! I absolutely loved how this product felt after it's application.  Immediately my face felt smoother and mattified, whch is simply perfect since my skin gets fairly oily throughout the day.  Not only does it control shine and oils, it helps keep my make-up in place which fairly important so that I don't overuse my make-up.

Lastly, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Defenition Powder Foundation in a Medium Light.

I'm actually not a fan of this powder foundation myself.  The color turned out to be a little bit more of an orangish tone even after I went into Sephora to exchange the color to match my skin color.  For me, it's not up to par to what other powder foundations such as MAC can do for you.

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