Thursday, February 26, 2015

Urban Romance

Hello all!  I have some exciting news to tell you!  After a long day of designing, I've been searching
high and low for some inspiration through music, structures, clouds, styles from NYFW, and much more.  It's not uncommon for designers to also find inspiration through other designers and as I searched BCBG's website I came across this spread:  "Urban Romance."

Sometime in the fall I had a chance to help my friend Rocky from Rockysn with a photoshoot for BCBG.  The first time I met Rocky was back in Colorado.  Her spontaneous and lively personality won a spot on the runway--she became my model and she's now my very good friend.  Her internship there required her to do shoots on Saturdays and I offered my help.

After spending an entire Saturday morning with her at the BCBG headquarters, I have to say that I'm thankful that Rocky provided this opportunity for me.  I was eager to post pictures of my adventure the day of, but I had to keep everything a secret until the campaign was released.  Now that it's finally out, I would say it's safe to finally speak my mind!

Located in the middle of an industrial area, BCBG wasn't as what I thought it would be.  Absolutely large and surprisingly, it has this urban rustic feel.  There were floral paper decor hanging above the ceiling and many inspirational quotes hanging from room to room.  Tons of stairs and windows that vaguely resemble the ones you would see in the fashion district.  As I walked in, I see outfits on racks and jewelry neatly placed on a table while there were two rows of heels arranged perfectly by color.

In front me are professionals that proved themselves worthy in this industry.  The talented stylist along with the make-up artists and hair-stylists--made sure the model looks her best while the photographer and his team dedicated their work to capturing the perfect image for the lookbook--which I think turned out beautifully!  What do you think?

I felt happy knowing that I was a part of something so beautiful.  My role may or may not have been a significant role, but knowing that I've helped with this campaign, everything really counts.  Even though it's the littlest thing, there's a sense of pride for contributing to this photoshoot.

Until next time!

Lina Chen

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