Thursday, February 19, 2015


After two years of living here in LA I finally got a chance to see and explore LACMA!

I remember the very first time going to LACMA to see the Urban Lights, the famous lamp posts outside the LACMA gates.  This was long before I made the big move in 2012.  I was visiting Eric's family and during our downtime, Eric would take me sightseeing and view parts of Los Angeles I've never seen (other than the ones in movies)!  This was at night, and as we were cruising around DTLA, he decided to surprise me.  Eager to know where he was taking me, I had my butt at the edge of the seat, camera ready at hand, while the windows were halfway down in case if I were to run into any Hollywood stars.  Little did I know, spotting a celebrity anywhere is like finding a needle in a haystack.  That or they're just good at being incognito.  As Eric continues to drive, I see a small light that gradually gets bigger and bigger as we get closer.  So many lamp posts brightly lit, in multiple rows and columns, and the placement of the lamps--all so beautiful.  At first, I wasn't sure what it was, but I later found out it was an art installation done by Chris Burden, who would collect street lamps that once lit the streets of SoCal and restore and collect them.  To this day, these lights have become an iconic work in L.A.

Fast forward 4 years to 2015 and I finally had a chance to take advantage of LA's free museum day to check out the museum grounds!  Surprisingly, I look the same since I first took photos at Urban Lights, but thankfully my style has evolved in a more sophisticated way.  Unlike the business casual look above, I decided to mix the soft sheer, girly look from the lace top and the mesh beaded cardigan with a little bit of masculinity by wearing my faux leather jacket, leggings, and booties which have a gold hardware look to it.  I love mixing masculine pieces with feminine 

Necklace:  Thrifted
Pleather Leggings:  Express (here and similar here)
Leather Jacket:  Zara (similar here)
Top:  Express (borrowed from my sister Anna)
Booties:  Forever 21(selling mine here and similar here).

For those of you who are interested in my style, I am selling some of my clothes on my Poshmark!  Feel free to follow me and check out some of the stuff I will be selling in the next few weeks!  You can check out my stuff here.

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