Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Glass Half Full

Ever experienced something so traumatizing that you just wanted to drop everything and run away?  To escape reality for just a moment and to find inner peace within yourself?  That's how I felt this past weekend.  What I fear would happen...happened.  And because of it, I've learned a very important life lesson: people come and go.  Don't hold onto something that isn't there to begin with because if you do, you'll end up being the one that gets hurt the most.  

I have to admit, the beginning of this blog post probably caught you by surprise--this is to show you that I am human and that my life is not perfect as it may seem.  However, moments like these don't stop me from seeing the glass half full.

On a lighter note, my loving boyfriend took me out to wine country to cheer me up.  At first our original plans fell through after finding out that we had to make reservations for a winery tour that we bought through Groupon, but in a way, I'm glad that it didn't work out.  Instead, we made a spontaneous decision to go next door to Callaway Winery, which was owned by the same man who started the Callaway Golf Company!  Funny thing was that Eric had questioned if this winery had any connection with the golf company and it sure did!

This was my first time ever going to a winery for a tasting and a tour and even though I don't have nothing to compare it with, I enjoyed every minute while I was there.  I learned so much about the company and art of wine-making that it just blew my mind on how much tender, love, and care goes into it.  

Earlier I had mentioned that I wanted to run away from my fears but I knew that wasn't going to solve the problem.  After re-evaluating my life and my failing friendships, I saw an opportunity to grow.  As hard as it is to see me and my friends grow apart, life goes on and everything will be alright.  I mean, afterall, it's not the end of the world!

Until next time,
Lina Chen

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