Monday, July 7, 2014

Take me out to the ball game...

Did you know that the songwriters of the unofficial baseball song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" didn't go to their first official baseball game until 20+ years after writing the song?  Crazy huh?  You would think they would have at least gone once after the song's fame, but surprisingly, they haven't.  Not so crazy if you don't watch baseball often like me, but I did end up going to my first Angels vs. Astros game this past Sunday!  I realized the game itself is quite slow compared to what you see on television, but I enjoyed the energy from the fans and my ice cream sundae out of an Angel's helmet!  A must when you go to any game because it's just too cute not to have one!  

Later that day the Angels crushed the Astros and victory was on our side!  To celebrate their win, my love and I did what we knew best... EAT!  We went to Shabu Shabu Bar down in Santa Ana to try their monstrous plate which housed 40 slices of beef!  40 big, slices!  Sports doesn't compare to my love for food, but if it did, I know I would have a problem funding both hobbies.  I'll take food any day but wouldn't mind going to the stadium to watch a good ole ball game!  

Until next time.
Lina Chen

Wearing:  Zara Silk, Koi-Printed Top | Express Necklace | Black Shorts from Mom's Closet | Nine West Bow Flats

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