Friday, May 2, 2014

Highroller @ The Linq

The following morning I headed down to The Linq--where the newly-made gigantic ferris wheel was located!  In case you haven't been following up on the Vegas renovations, The Linq, which is located in between The Quad and The Flamingo casino, is the newest shopping, dining, and entertainment district.  As much as I would have liked to have gone on The Highroller, the massive ferris wheel pictured above, it just wasn't worth the wait, so instead I admired it from below.  Besides, the view couldn't have been better than that of the room.  

Lunch at Guy Fieri's Kitchen and Bar at The Quad

Waiting for the food to come out.

And waiting...

Voila!  Shrimp Tacos & Sashimi Ahi Tuna Tacos!

Truffle fries to your left and a salad up top with our tasty tacos!

Sprinkles ice cream w/my friend Kristy and her little man Tavin!  Love me some Captain Crunch!

Outfit of the night!  Silk maxi skirt made by me!

Selfie before heading out to Encore Beach Club at Night!

Swim Night!  Rubber ducky, you're the one!

Good night sweet loves!  I will post more photos tomorrow but until then you can catch up with me on Instagram @Linalacouturier!

Lina Chen

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