Monday, May 12, 2014

Be a Good Sport

Summer is just around the corner which means I need to increase my workout flow.  I have always been comfortable about my body, but it was just recently when I decided to push myself rather than just being satisfied where I'm at.  Sometimes right after a workout, I rarely have time to head home and take a quick shower to freshen up.  (Yes, it's disgusting walking around in dried up sweat, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do!)  So instead, I'll try to pair my outfit around the clothes I work out in.  My Nike fuchsia pink bra acts as a tank top underneath the studded white tank with a tribal design in the front.  Usually I like to wear tanks or shirts that have a neat design so that it fits both the gym and outside settings.  The dri-fit capris give the look a more athletic appeal so I ended up pairing it with an airy army green, waterproof jacket to complete the sporty chic look.  Add a studded cross-body purse and I was good to go!

After today's workout I decided to head to an outdoor shopping center and catch up on The Da Vinci Code.  Keep in mind that although it's best to keep yourself physically active, it's always good to fuel your mind too.  So hit that gym (and the library folks!)

Wearing:  Nike Bra | Express Tank (similar here) | Nike Dri-Fit Capris | Nike Sneakers | Green Jacket

Until next time,

Lina Chen

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