Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Rocky Mountains: Breathtakingly Beautiful

I never really appreciated Colorado and it's beauty until I moved out to California. When I lived in Denver, everything seemed less desirable because it was easily accessible.  Just the fact that there are thousands of people in the world who clearly fly across the country just to ski or snowboard our slopes astounds me.  It wasn't until I saw someone else's love for this State that made me rethink about taking granted of Colorado.

Just this past Sunday, my friends and I went up to Estes Park and by accident, we stumbled across the Rocky Mountain National Park. I couldn't believe how spectacular the view was!  Better than what you see on T.V.  That's for sure.  There, we hiked a maximum of 15 minutes to Bear Lake before heading down to another trail where we ended up meeting four guys from the United Kingdom.  Who knew that a simple question--"do those snowshoes really help?"--would lead to long conversations about each others' culture, dinner at the Wild Rose, and contemplating which ice cream flavors to get at a local Estes Park ice cream shop.  

This would constitute as one of the best days of the year because the random events that occurred today aligned ever so perfectly as if it was meant to be.  That, and it was amusing to listen to four guys speak like Harry Potter.  That English accent though.  ;)

See you soon!

Lina Chen

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