Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Excuse the low quality and the graininess of the images--These last minute photos were taken indoors under insufficient light.  Regardless of the quality, today's outfit is solely based off of the new mint Neff Headwear gifted to me by Sam, my sisters best friend and my little "brother."  Inspired by modern street-wear, I paired this hat up with matching Tiffany blue/black Nike's, threw on a black leather jacket, and a B&W scarf to match the distressed white jeans.  

This post reminds me of how I used to be such a tomboy back in elementary school--wearing JNCO Jeans and playing flag football with the guys.  Even to this day, I have boyish tendencies. I'm always gravitating towards men's sneakers whenever I am in need of a new pair of running shoes.  Perhaps it's the design aesthetic that I'm drawn to or the tomboy in me who is voicing an opinion, but today is that day where you will rarely see me pulling off that tomboyish look.

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