Monday, March 3, 2014


Tacos have started to become a part of my diet lately.  Ever since my trip to Ensenada, Mexico last year, I've been craving them biweekly!  Whenever I am in an area where it is heavily populated with Hispanics/South Americans, I am in search mode for some tasty tacos.  Our original location closed on Monday; so instead, we walked a little further down the street in Little Havana and came across a little restaurant called El Taquito.  The carne asada tacos were okay.  Nothing too special, but what I loved most about this place were the dipping sauces that came with the tortilla chips--especially the pink onions!  Creatively tasty, tangy, and sweet--all at the same time.  

After lunch, we headed to the Bayfront area to see more of what Miami had to offer.  The view there was incredible.  It's as if I was placed right into a painting--the big buildings along the coast accented by the baby blue sky and the crystal turquoise waters and palm trees along the walkway...Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

Wearing:  Express Tank & Shorts | Prada Sunglasses

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