Saturday, March 1, 2014


I finally got a chance to swim with dolphins!  DOLPHINS!  And you know what?  It was epic!  Moments before entering in the water with these friendly mammals, I was curious as to what they would feel like.  A water balloon?  Perhaps a beach ball since it's pretty smooth to the touch.  Or maybe it's that same texture when you go through a slip and slide? (Oh my god, going old school here!)  Surprisingly, Luke and Leah (the dolphins I swam with) felt a lot like an eggplant but a firmer!  They're very smooth and squishy and FAST!  

Funny story here...During the dolphin interaction, there were two different positions that the instructors advise us to do.  Dolphins read our hand gestures in order to do commands; at one point, I had to spread my arms apart as if I was flying.  This pose generally means that the dolphins will come behind you and as they come closer, you would hold on to their fins while you glide through the water at their speed!  During that time in the water, I was waiting patiently thinking "where are the dolphins?"  I looked down and saw two massive shark-like figures swim underneath me and for a second, I really thought that they were sharks for a second!  Freaked me out a little.  Afterwards I went snorkeling along the coastline of the ocean and soaked up a little bit of the Cozumel sun!  

Chankanaab, you've been good to me!  I hope we meet again!  Now off to Carnaval! 

See you guys soon!
Lina Chen

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