Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scandalous Skirts

I'm pretty harsh on myself when it comes to my figure so it was only natural for me to accentuate my legs, the one part of my body I really adore.  I showed off them legs with this short black and white native printed skirt my sister let me borrow.  The higher the skirt, the longer the legs look allowing the individual to look taller.  I also wore a black tank top with a comfortable beige rayon cardigan with cascading ruffles in the front.  I added an infinity scarf for warmth and my favorite pair of booties and I was good to go!

Fun fact:  The print adds dimension to the outfit but the solids also tones down the look.  If you are feeling bold and eccentric try pairing the skirt with a bright colored top or another printed item but make sure to add a solid cardigan or belt to help break up the patterns or make it less busy.

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