Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life's a Beach

I love Cali.  Why?  Because there's always something to do and this was my first time ever going to Newport Beach.  What's neat is that every little pier along the west coast has something to offer.  I have more pictures to share, but unfortunately this is the only one I can post up since my phone and computer are butting heads.  

For my surprise outing to Newport, all I was told was to "wear something warm."  Immediately, I had a feeling we were heading to the beach since it's ALWAYS colder near the ocean.  I immediately decided to wear my trusty indigo denims from True Religion--I actually ripped them today--my black drop=waisted Anthropologie dress, and my Zara colorblocked faux leather, dark green jacket for warmth and style.  To add more height and stature, I went with my favorite studded black booties from Zara!  I can never go wrong with those short three inch, thick heels.  Absolutely cute, but also easy to walk in!  

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend like I did.  See you soon!  


Lina Chen

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