Saturday, January 11, 2014

ICEcapades: Land of the Ice Castles!

Photo Cred // Shomonic Nguyen

Photo Cred // Shomonic Nguyen

Photo Cred // Shomonic Nguyen

I forgot how beautiful Colorado was until my friend invited me to go up to Breckenridge with her and her sisters + my sister.  We went up there to check out the man-made ice castles.  I was ecstatic to see how they built the structure and couldn't wait to take photos, as usual.  Every photo-op I get, I will often take it!  Personally, the ice castle itself wasn't as magical and grand as I'd hoped it to be but to a young child, it was comparable to going to an amusement park, just with no rides.  I overheard a little girl asking one of the attendants if this was Elsa's, a character from the Disney movie Frozen, castle.  Made my heart melt when I overheard her say that because even though I'm older, I'm a big kid at heart.  With a little creativity and imagination, I was able to take a few photos that fit well with the surrounding background.

It's not everyday where you get to dress up and pretend to be an Ice Queen, so I went all out and BAM--I came out looking like fairytale character!  Like I said, I'm a kid at <3 ! :)

Good night loves!

Lina Chen

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