Monday, January 27, 2014

Delicious Desserts at Bottega Louie

For those not familiar with Bottega Louie, it is one of the most famous Parisian style restaurants that cater towards those who have a sweet tooth like me!  They're infamous for their French Macarons but they also have an array of delicious sweets that range from fruit tarts to mini cakes to creme brulee and more!  Bottega Louie serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but if you don't ever have the time to sit down and eat, I recommend getting a macaron or two, or five to go!  My favorites?  Earl grey and Raspberry!  I haven't tried the pistachio, but often times it never fails.  This place is pretty expensive if you'd ask me, but if you have never attempted to make macarons yourself, you'll know why.  

Funny story--when I used to live back at home in Denver, I tried to make macarons myself.  Unfortunately, I'm a terrible baker and the outer shells of the macarons would never rise!  It was really frustrating!  So when I baked it, the end product would look like runny dia...poop.  Pretty determined to make the perfect macarons, I tried again, and again, and again, and again, and I decided I was never meant to be a baker even though I would like to own a bakery someday.  I guess I'll just stick with designing!

<3 Lina Chen

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