Friday, November 15, 2013


By SHE, I mean Stephanie S.!  

We were set to meet up at 11:00-11:15 before our class at noon but my teacher took extra time to go over my flats for CAD.  Let's just say, I got a lot to do this weekend for that class.  ='(

I frantically ran (well, more like took the elevators because of my big duffle bag) and immediately introduced myself as I walked up to this positive girl with a warm, energetic vibe emitting from her direction.  We clicked, like that--*snap my finger*  What's even more interesting?  Social media brought us together.  ;)  

As we walked along the hallway, I had to think quick as to where to shoot.  I saw that she was wearing black and white.  Simple.  Clean.  Two of my favorite colors to wear?  How did she know?  She didn't, but talk about knowing what I like!  After checking Stephanie out, I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot in the stairwell at our school.  

The stairwell?  Well, you'll see...

Stephanie's got some mad shoe game.  When she told me they were ASH wedges, I about died.  I've been wanting a pair of the Isabel Marants but those run up to $650+ and momma ain't got that money.  Unless if I'm hustlin' on those sketches, but even so, I'd probably have to sacrifice a lung for those wedges.  I mean, any smokers looking for a fresh young lung?  Blood type O, free of any toxins, non-smoker... Anyone?  Anyone?  ;)

First time I ever saw ASH wedges it was on my plane ride back to L.A. from Denver.  She was minimal but her shoes added that edge to her look.  Oh and the quality and detail of ASH wedges, especially the side zipper detailing on Steph's kicks? envious of you Stephanie--I know you are reading this!  

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