Thursday, November 14, 2013

Babygirl Lexie!

Meet Alexis W., my wild child.

I met this girl, along with Simone, at orientation.  Lookin' like a bunch of goofballs not knowing what to do, we sat all the way in the back, like (hot and sexy) losers, chit chatting and introducing to one another.  Alexis is straight up from Hawaii.  She studied math and decided that it wasn't for her and pursued her dreams of costume designing!  I'm glad she ditched crunching numbers and solving problems to do what she's passionate about.  I specifically remember at orientation, the school gave every student a stack of papers and a pen to fill out the forms.  Of course, with my luck, they forgot to give me a writing utensil, but this girl, sitting to my right, was kind enough to lend me hers... (Yeah, THANKS Simone! - haha kidding).  But seriously, who knew that orientation would lead to me finding some of the hottest girls on campus?  I'm starting to think I'm a chick magnet... lol.  Love you girls!

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