Monday, October 28, 2013

Hitler's Bunker

I've reconnected with Jake recently and we explored the unknown together this past weekend.  It was lovely in a sense that we could get away from the City without actually leaving L.A.  Hidden in the Palisades, we hiked along the road and found an opening along the fence and found stairs that led to an abandoned water tank.

Jake with his fancy DSLR.

Inside the water tank.  A source of light.  Guidance.  Hope.  If only I could climb the broken ladder to life.

Vandalism at it's finest.  (Kidding!)  I would never.  (Maybe.)

Jake's intuition eventually led us to this.  One of the highlights of the hike because to me, this was happiness in the form of a swing.

Favorite piece at Hitler's Bunker.

Whilst climbing up the stairs and just chit chatting, I came across this Sharpie hanging out on the twig as if something or someone intervened to tell me it was my turn to leave a mark of my own.  I wasn't sure what to write or draw but after a minute or two, I grabbed that pen and drew a heart next to the rail beside me.  The heart represented my love.  I've always been a loving, compassionate person.  It's what makes my world go round.  So it was only perfect to draw it to symbolize my feelings at that moment.

Then, I went ahead and wrote my name right beside it.  Like finishing off a love letter, I placed "<3 Lina" as if I were to end things on a good note to the world.

Must head to bed, but I will be posting another set of photos in a few days or so.

Good night everyone!

Lina Chen

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