Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Before & After: Louis Vuitton Ad

For my Computer Aided Fashion Design course we had to render an image (basically outline, shade, and highlight with a regular pencil) and photoshop (PS) it to add the color of our choice, a background, and some texture by using the tools and palettes in PS.  

So here's my thought process:  The dark and light contrast of the original ad drew my eye so immediately I rendered that photo.  I wasn't too fond of the purse but the outline of it immediately reminded me of the Louis Vuitton speedy purse.  From there on, I added more color and the same LV monogram on the purse to the background.  

At first it seemed a bit too much, but why not flood the image with the high-end luxury symbol?  Personally, it looks better than plain, solid walls.  I'm pretty pleased by how it turned out for my first CAFD project.  :)

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