Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Chic: Linens and Blue Hues

As I was going through my little sister's closet, I came across this beautiful white, dark blue, and turquoise scarf with a palm leaf design to it.  It screamed summer, as if I was near the beaches of Hawaii!  Don't tell her, but I couldn't help but to take it from her!  Hopefully she won't find out!  I mean, what are sisters for right?  Love you Anna if you're reading this!

I've spent the first few weeks of summer in Denver.  I have to admit, so far it has been unforgiving and the fact that it's so dry here makes it worse especially now that I have a bad case of eczema!  Anywho, yesterday I had the chance to wear this beautiful scarf.  Yes, they are meant to add a little warmth during those chilly nights or add pizaazz to an outfit, but I didn't care.  The blue hues made it my outfit look cooler.  It's also made of linen so the material was light and airy and didn't add too much heat. 

I often try to add extra layers, even during the summer.  There's nothing wrong with being simple and basic, but just adding a little more to your everyday style can make a big difference!

<3 Lina Chen

Infinity Scarf:  Express.  Scarves I would also get are here and here.
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Necklace:  Gifted to me by my baby sister Anna<3  Similar one right here.
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