Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Glory

Foreign Newspaper Wall.  Closeup of my outfit too :)

First perfect shot of bubbles!  FINALLY!

Rode the ferris wheel on the Monica Pier during sunset.  Romantically cheesy.


Isn't she beautiful?

To me, she's a great catch!  Haha get it?  ;)

Compilation of the snapshots we took at the Top Shop Photobooth at The Grove.  Aren't we goofballs?

Everyone, meet Erica.  Erica and I met at Freshman orientation at CU Boulder years ago and ever since then, we've been inseparable and the closest of best friends.  She had the chance to fly out to LA for work and had a little bit of extra free time to hang out with little old me.  :)  

Some of the things we did consisted of mini adventures to Santa Monica beach, a stroll along The Grove, and lots of eating!  And I mean LOTS!  Thought about posting the images of what we ate but thought I'd save that for my food blog.  Instead I wanted to incorporate a part of my personal life with bits and pieces of fashion!  

Did you have an incredible weekend too?  Let me know if you did cause I would love to hear about it! :)))

<3 Lina Chen

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