Monday, April 8, 2013

In Hopeful Despair

As a hopeless romantic I daydream all the time and submerge myself in a world of make believe and imagination.  In a world where love dictates our judgement whether if it's good or bad.  Most often, I visualize charismatic characters and scenarios that make me feel giddy inside, but today I wanted to portray the girl who suddenly went through a harsh break up and is feeling the heart ache from that loss of love.  Of course nobody wants to be in that position, but this is to show you that it's okay to feel that there's hope that (s)he'll return.  Deep down inside you know they won't, but you have that right to feel that way.  Your sorrows will soon fade away as time goes by and most importantly, you have to trust yourself that everything will be fine.  It will be.  You will come out stronger.  Until then, embrace that pain, hurt, move on, look forward to new beginnings, and start living life.

<3 Lina Chen

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