Thursday, March 14, 2013

Old Pasadena

Today I had the chance to roam around Old Pasadena.  After walking around aimlessly while soaking up the sun, I've come to the conclusion that Old Pasadena is my new favorite spot!  There's plenty of outdoor shopping nearby, lots of wonderful and up-and-coming restaurants, and the modern day structures in the buildings make me want to scream "I want to live here!"  It's every fashion blogger/photographer/model's dream to live around these parts since I felt like there's always a photo opp in every corner that I turn.  

Look for yourself...

These images, of course, are only a glimpse of the photos I took today. 

<3 Lina

What I'm wearing:  

1.  Polka Dotted Scarf  (Similar Here)
2.  Dooney And Burke Messenger Bag
3.  Victoria Secret Floral Printed Bra
4.  Love 21 Cream See-Through Short Sleeved Shirt
5.  Purple Trousers with Zipper Detailing from Express
6.  Brown Combat Boots from shoe store at Flatirons Mall  


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