Sunday, February 17, 2013

Single Light, Day to Night

My boyfriend recently bought me a new camera after I had 1. lost my point-and-shoot in Vegas last month and 2. decided this would be the perfect birthday present for me.  Originally I was saving up for a DSLR, but Eric beat me to it by buying me a DSLR-like camera instead.

So far so good!  Below are a couple of my favorite test shots.  This weekend is the first time I was able to bust out the big boy (or little one) and truly testing it out!

The quality of the images are astounding, aren't they?

What truly intrigues me about this shoot is that the single light coming from the lamp highlights certain areas that I never really deemed beautiful.  Not to sound narcissistic, but it's good to see yourself in a different light.. Haha get it?  Anyways...

From a single light, it turns from day to night.

<3 Lina Chen

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