Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Distressed Ombre Studded Shorts!

Ever had a day where you had nothing to do?  Plans fell through and you are sitting there coming up with ideas to make the day go by faster?  Well here's a fun DIY project that is easy to do, adds personality to your style, and solves your dilemma! 

For this project, all you really need is an old pair of jeans.  Don't have any?  No big deal, just head to the local thrift store and buy a pair for less than $10 bucks!  You don't necessarily want to buy spankin' new jeans just for this project because you are going to cut them up, so grab an old pair and let's get started!!!

Materials:  A pencil, scissors, bleach in a spray bottle, gloves (optional when handling bleach), tweezers, and a pair of old jeans!

1.  With a pencil draw a line around your thigh and cut off the remaining portion you don't want.

2.  With the spray bottle containing bleach, spray the bottoms of your shorts and work your way up.  Then hand wash the jeans once bleach has done it's job. 

Note:  Make sure to do this in the sun.  It will help speed up the process!

3.   Bottoms of the shorts are fraying, which is what we want.  With tweezers, fray them even more by putting the shorts between the tweezers and pull

4.  Place shorts in a netting for delicate items and wash them in the washer.  This will help distress the denim even more. DO NOT DRY THE SHORTS!

5.  Gather up your favorite studs and poke the backings into the denim and fold the teeth inwards.  Continue this until process studding has been done!

And voila--the final look: 

Excuse the quality of the images.  These are actual screenshots from my DIY Distressed Ombre Studded Shorts tutorial on Youtube.  But honestly, it's easier than you really think it is to make these amazing shorts!!!  Want to learn how?  Feel free to click here or the video below..  The images above only show a portion of what you have to do, but covers the basics of making your own DIY ombre distressed studded shorts!!!

<3 Lina Chen

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