Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tough as Nails

As I was sitting in the office listening to the radio, the talk show hosts mentioned something I've never heard of--LEATHER NAILS!  Leather nails?!?!  Yeah, it seemed so bizarre that I had to Google it.  Low and behold, one could get a leather nail polish....EFFECT!  So thankfully, it's not made out of real cowhide cause then I'd feel guilty every time I put on my leather nail polish.  

Deciding if I should get this dangerously, sexy new nail polish.  They are $25 bucks a pop and comes with four studded skulls.  Pretty insane (and kinky I might add!).  Talk about innovation, right?  

Does anyone else think these are pretty cool or just a fad that will eventually go away?

<3 Lina Chen

By the way, the last image isn't a part of Nails Inc.'s leather nail polish effect.  It's there for inspiration to achieve that fierce, leather effect which I think you could get by using the last two colors from Elle's Cosmetics Metallic Tones Nail Lacquer Trio Collection.

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