Friday, December 21, 2012


Creating Youtube videos is no joke.  It really does take a lot of time and effort to creating these impressive vids.  There has been this constant desire to start it up again.  I tried once and failed to create new material week after week or just didn't have the true motivation to do it, but this time around I really want this to be a successful channel.

I definitely look up to Michelle Phan even though she has a goody-goody two shoes feel to her videos, but that's not all that bad.  Just seeing her strive to be a better person but to also guide women all around the world through make-up tutorials inspires me and I'm sure it does to other people as well.  Christine from Xteener is another down to earth girl I'm really into.  Her personality is pleasant and she's very sweet. 

 But of course, I want to pave my own path and hopefully be successful at it.  Hopefully.

I guess if you haven't already, watch my first review on the Clarisonic Mia 2. Subscribe to tune into more videos later on! :)


Lina Chen

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