Thursday, December 27, 2012

D&G Floral Frames

Ads truly do have the power of persuasion when targeted to the right person.

I used to go through the pages of Vogue Paris and W and analyze every little ad that sparked my interest.  The location, details of the clothes, how the product is portrayed--it all played an important role in capturing my interest.  And everyone else's as well.  As a marketing major and a fashion enthusiast, these particular ads drew my attention while I was traveling home for the holidays.  The glasses in the first ad reminded me of the Prada's I'm currently wearing.  The frame itself has a slight cat eye to it but the gold floral accents/hardware on the side makes me wish I traded mine in for the D&G frames.  

I think the young mother of three sold it.  She doesn't have to sacrifice style because she's a mom.  That and I've never seen such a beautiful pair of floral frames/sunglasses.  Don't you agree?


Lina Chen

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