Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Vino Veritas

I'm not normal.  This I already know but it's been slowly starting to bother me.  I've tried my best to accept my weird, quirky-self but the constant reminder that what I do or who I am as an individual just stigmatizes me as some weirdo.  It's just hard to not view it as something so pessimistic because let's face it, weird does have that negative connotation attached to it.  Perhaps I knew this long before--strange and couldn't really fit into any mold that society could ever define.  As an adult it's easier to brush things off, to let things go like it never happened, but deep down inside it's there whatever that "it" may be.  For me, it's that uncomfortable feeling I get when someone reaffirms my abnormality or what I deemed is normal.

I'm sure many of you feel the same as I do at times, but don't express it as loudly.  I remember one time a friend of mine had mentioned that exploiting my thoughts and feelings puts me in a vulnerable place.  It may or may not, but I am human and I am allowed to hurt.

This post may seem alarming and I'm reassuring you that it shouldn't be.  65% of me is currently okay and the rest, well... I'll be fine.  So no worries.  Thanks if the thought of my health crossed your mind.

I just have to remember that infamous designers such as Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld,  and John Galliano weren't the soundest individuals on this earth.  They are highly looked up to by millions all over the world.  People applaud to their wicked, outlandish designs.  And these elaborate fashion shows that each designer puts on greatly expresses who they are deep down. 

I am who I am.


The girl who will stay true to herself and will one day become one of the greats.

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