Saturday, October 20, 2012

Here's to you Chloe

Meet Chloe, my size 4, half, body form from Roxy Display.  Isn't she beautiful?  It's not everyday where you can purchase your mail order bride..

Hehe...just kidding.  =]

For the longest time I've been postponing the purchase of my dress form for two reasons:  1)   I didn't purchase Chloe sooner because I'm a firm believer in spending a good amount on quality items.  I ended up buying a professional, industrial body form with a collapsible shoulder. It's made from quality linen and it has a pinnable surface to help prevent fabric from moving around.  The stand firmly holds the form nice and tight because of the cool lock feature it has on the stands' pole.  Once the pedal at the bottom of the stand is held down, the lock unlocks and the individual is free to lower or lift up the dress form to the their desired height, which is pretty neat.

I'd highly recommend an industrial dress form if 1) fashion designing is going to be your hobby or 2) if you plan to make it your career.  She will last forever and will be your best friend, trust me.

2)  I think the other (major) reason why I didn't get Chloe is because in a way, it's sort of saying that I'm ultimately choosing fashion as a serious career (which of course I want it to be).  There's always this sense of self-doubt when it comes to designing.  It lingers often; in many ways it drags me down.  It's always been an internal struggle for me.  For those of you who know me, you may know the confident, care-free girl who won't let small things get in the way.  When it comes to more serious things such as my future and fashion designing it's the complete opposite.  Not knowing what I want  to do 100% is terribly affecting me.  Oh and my decisions.  There's no explanation why I specifically lack confidence in something that I truly love, but t's the uncertainty and the difficulty of the fashion world that intimidates me.  Perhaps finalizing the purchase of Chloe meant that it's a step towards that unknown realm of fashion and in a way I'm not ready for it just yet.  But then again, I am.  Me and my conflicting, indecisive mind.  (Thought to myself:  "Geez Lina, you really think too much.")

Guess that's my analysis for the evening, so good night!  Hope you enjoyed my entry dedicated to my dress form.

Here's to you Chloe,



Lina Chen

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