Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soleful Delights

The design of heels have amped up a little bit in the past three years, there's no doubt about that.

Not too long ago (maybe 3 years ago?) I remember spotting a pair of heeless heels in Lady Gaga's, Alejandro music video.  My desire grew stronger after I had discovered the Jeffrey Campbell version (picture on the right) at the clearance section of the Urban Outfitters at the Cherry Creek mall last year.  Too bad they were the only pair and it would have been $100 more just to order it through their website.  Well worth the investment if you planned to wear them on a daily basis, not so much if it's a one or two-time wear.  I would, of course, wear it much more often, but still. 

In some ways I feel that Jeffrey Campbell helped pave the way to new trends.  He proved that the average woman can walk in ridiculously trendy heels without feeling overtly conscious.  For the longest time I drooled over Jeffrey Campbell's but as I waited and waited and waited hoping my lovely heeless heels would go on sale, they just never did.  I've seen a lot of fakes and replicas of these lovely horse shoes, but I just couldn't do it.  I needed the real ones. 

Taste really does change though.  I'm starting to lean towards the more luxurious yet crazy-out-of-this-world heels!  I cannot afford these soleful delights, but a girl can always dream.  (Photos from


So many lines and geometric shapes.... *drool*


Lina Chen

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