Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Runway: Hollywood Glamour

This is the first time Project Runway decided to use their previous starlet designers model on the runway so I was pretty excited to see what this seasons designers would whip up.  To my surprise I was a bit disappointed with this challenge.  I understand that it's tough to work in teams, but a lot of the designs only left a "really, did they just do that?" impression.  What's even worse is how each team decided to accessorize their models.  It's just a sad episode for me. 

The first four designs are "alright" but the last two, which are highlights of the episode, were my favorites.  The white dress was classy and red carpet appropriate.  It's simple, but the simplicity of the dress is what makes it beautiful.  I also like how it falls at the bottom. The last dress is made by my favorite designer Ven.  He understands his customer and executes his vision while incorporating his aesthetic.  He's such a magnificent designer.


Lina Chen

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