Monday, August 27, 2012

A hint of greys, blues, and lavenders.

This past Saturday we celebrated the union between Ruby Yang and Edgar Ma.  As soon as I had entered the building,  I couldn't help myself but to adore the lovely decor that filled the reception and the little details that came along with it.  

Here are a few photos I took here and there, but I must apologize ahead of time since I wasn't able to take all the lovely images I wanted to since I was 1. having a good time and 2. helping out the bride and groom by being their host (which to my surprise, I had lots of fun doing it).  :)  

Grey ribbons on the Bride and Groom's seats.

Three-tiered cake!  Look at the beautiful flowers!

Cool colors illuminating the room.

I wonder how some women find "the" dress.  There's hundreds of dresses out there that possess many different necklines, bodices, and styles.  There's endless combinations to choose from yet there's really no defined guideline to help a bride when it's time to go dress shopping. 

Somehow, Ruby found her dress and I loved it on her.  Her dropped waistline emphasized her beautiful booty. ;)  

On top of that, the sweetheart neckline accentuated her delicate upper body showing just enough skin to create a little sex appeal.  

The option to have her dress laced up in the back adds a modern touch to it as if she were wearing a corset.  

Elegant--perfect for the occasion.  

Honestly, the wedding dresses with five hundred buttons down the back drive me crazy.  Buttons kind of cheapen the dress (in my opinion) and I can only imagine someone's husband unbuttoning every button!  Talk about teasing the groom, right?

Lastly, wedding dresses often have lots of tulle or extra fabric to create volume.   In Ruby's case, her ruffles did just that.  

Congrats to you both!  It's 'bout time you kids get together after 14 years!  Yes, they have been together for 14 years.  Talk about a strong foundation.


Lina Chen

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