Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skull La Vie!


Submerging oneself within unknown territory forces that individual out of their comfortable skin; only allowing more room for personal growth.

The move out to L.A. has allowed me to personally grow as an individual.  My heart screams FREEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!  And let me tell you, IT FEELS GRRREEEAAATTT!  There aren't as many outside forces that persuade my decision on life.  Heavily influenced by others and their thoughts, it was difficult for me to find my own voice and in some ways it still is hard.  I'm not too worried though.  

Not only is my view on life is slowly changing, but so is my taste in fashion.  I no longer want to be the obedient, conservative, professional individual.  This girl wants to be bad to the bone.  As much as I would love to dye my hair platinum blonde and permanently ink my back, skull rings and skull silhouettes on shirts will have to suffice.  That and the Alexander McQueen clutch that I want so badly!  Perhaps someday.

In the meantime, skull la vie!

Lina Chen

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