Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Lady of Rock

Iconic Individual/Style Icon:  Gwen Stefani
Saw the editorials posted on Vogue and couldn't help myself but to click on the link only to find a spread on Gwen Stefani, my ALLLLLL time favorite iconic superstars.  I chose to write about her since she been a role model to me since....forever ago.  I look up to her for style but also being such a genuine individual.  Stefani is fierce and has that boldness to her personality and her personality glows through that amazing wardrobe of hers.  God, if only I could share her closet...I'd be in heaven!  Also, for someone whose famous, she stays true to herself and doesn't flaunt her fortune and fame.  She's a loving mother and continues to look beautiful as ever.  Her style is out there but doesn't completely screams OUT THERE like Lady Gaga (which isn't bad at all) but for a more conservative girl like myself, Gwen does it right.  I'm also in love with her Harajuku Lovers and L.A.M.B. collections.  She's obviously taking great care of herself too.  I believe she's almost in her forties and she's aging quite nicely.  Gahhhh...I just LOVE her persona!!!


Lina Chen  

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