Friday, July 27, 2012

Cute Candy Creations

PROJECT RUNWAY HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!!  Actually I think last week was the first episode of Season 10, but all that matters is that I have my weekly high of watching other designers and basically follow their thought process when creatively coming up with ideas.  I think what I love about Project Runway is that it's kind of comical to see stressful individuals placed all in the same room during a competition.  I love watching people compete though, it truly brings out the persons

Last night's challenge is one of my favorite challenges cause it incorporate what I love most: sweets.  The designers had a chance to buy everything and anything from Dylan's Candy Bar where they have to construct a garment that consists of the candy they bought.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from yesterday's challenge:

Dmitry's gumball dress.  The movement of the dress was flawless.  I wouldn't have known they were gumballs but rather beads.  The simplicity of the dress makes it wearable and surprisingly, I would wear it out to a evening beach party. 

Ven is probably my favorite designer as of right now.  In last week's challenge, he manipulated this silk magenta fabric into a rose silhouette.  I look up to designers who are able to flawlessly skillfully handle fabric in such ways that I can't.  I mean that's what makes Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Dolce and Gabbana so unique.  It's the craftsmanship and the designs that differentiates them from the oh-so-boring Michael Kors and Donna Karen.  Ven mentioned his inspiration came from stained glass windows and the black licorice is to show the break between the colors.  The visual aesthetic of this dress just makes it that much beautiful.  Ven is unlike any of the designers on this challenge, he knows how to refine his look and perfectly executes his vision.  He's a genius.

This picture doesn't do justice.  Christopher, the designer, created a chevron-like pattern, which I'm really into at the moment.  Although this photo doesn't depict how it looked on television, it was quite lovely.  The fake rock formation in the rock candy had a hint of sparkle as the model took every step.

Lastly, Sonjia's fabulous dress.  She should have been last nights winner.  I'm not admitting that I'm an expert but there have been so many episodes on Project Runway where I'm like ", he/she shouldn't have won" and this is one of them.  Perhaps Project Runway does it to create some word of mouth or buzz within the Project Runway community, but this is a design competition.  Yes, I do love Ven but Sonjia's dress impressed me even more than Ven's did.  The way Sonjia's dress was patterned is perfect.  She used more than two types of candy and need I remind you that this is a candy challenge?  Project Runway judges have disappointed me yet again.  Oh well.

This has inspired me to create my own cute candy creation for Halloween!  I cannot wait to show you what I have in store!


Lina Chen

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