Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photoshoot - In the countryside.

I forgot how much I miss doing photoshoots.

It's the feeling of having creative people coming together and organizing each others' visions all into one artwork is something I love to see come to life.  This, of course, is when all parties work well with one another and that's how it was today.

A few in-the-moment shots I took with my camera:

So why haven't I been shooting all my pieces lately?  At a point in my college career, I booked a photoshoot at least once a week.  There's actually nothing wrong with doing that, but by scheduling so many photoshoots all at once, made me lose focus on the quality of my work.  And as mentioned above, the outcome of the photo looks better when people are cohesively making a decision that results in absolute amazingness.  I'm not necessarily a perfectionist but when it comes to my artwork, I tend to have high expectations that I can't quite reach.  It's an odd way of pushing myself to do better. 

Now that I've graduated, I have more time to focus on my pieces.  It takes me longer, I make less clothes, but I have more pride in what I design now.  It's interesting to see how much I've grown mentally within a year or two.  

I have to say that three hours later, 30 minutes for determining what to do with hair and the rest to drive to the location and shoot,  I'm very impressed as to how these photos turned out and plan to shoot for my next photoshoot sometime soon.  :O)

Model:  Katie Etcheverry  Fashion Designer:  Lina Chen  Photographer:  Angela Chung

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Lina Chen

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