Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tie-ing the Knot!

As you may already know, accessories compliment an outfit and provides character to one's look.   Although ties are a men's accessory, I am here to show you that women too can rock a tie to any outfit to spice up your look.  Ties and collars are associated with business and formal events; therefore, making an outfit look polished and clean.  This is perfect for those just-in-case moments where you forget that you have a classroom presentation or a meeting with a client.  Thankfully, you remembered to slip your tie/collar in your purse and are ready to whip it out and look your best, or at least you tried to.  Whether if its a formal event or just a run to the grocery store, these four ways of wearing a tie/collar will definitely turn heads.

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Last but not least, here are the screen shots of each of the ways I used the collar/tie in my wardrobe.

1.  The Bowtie

2.  The Collar

3.  The Necktie

4.  The Bow-Necktie


Lina Chen

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