Monday, February 6, 2012

Sophisticated Streetwear

I wish the streets of Denver were like the ones in Milan, France, London, and New York, the "big four" fashion capitals of the world.  Fashion magazines help circulate what are the ins-and-outs to fashion but it really limits the imagination, honestly.  Pages full of edited material by the same group of people.  It's redundant.  The city, the people, everyday life is what's real.  Here are some photos I came across on Style of everyday people in Europe:

Women who are able to pull off the bowl style haircut are bold.  Not many people can rock it, but looking at the picture above, she actually looks adorable in a childish-way, especially the way she's holding her bag like that.  What intrigues me about this look is the outfit.  The tapered blazer, the orange blouse with what seems like a white button-down shirt underneath--very office chic.  The shorts through me off a bit, but it stands out which in turn makes her stand out.

This picture says a lot to me.  This photo captures personality.  These two guys have set an identity and stuck with it.  I LOVE THAT IN MEN.  I would love for the modern day Jesus to be in my circle of friends.  It'd be interesting.

Ever bought something that said "one size fits all" but unfortunately you don't fit into that one size?  There probably is a high chance women wear clothes that are too big or too small for them.  What intrigued me about this picture above is her shirt and how it laid on top of her chest.  At first I thought it was awkward because of how pointy her breasts were, but then I realized that was the look she was going for, the Modonna-esque cone-like bra underneath is what's creating that shape.  I'm thinking, I need to go get one for myself.

I'm in love<3 

I could foresee this being in my closet.  Those chains scream bad girl in a sophisticated way.  I like it!

I love the designers imagination and how he/she let her mind flow freely to come up with an idea for this garment.  It's out-of-the-box and not something you'd wear on a daily basis, wait, there is no but!  Shoot, I'd wear it in the streets of Denver exactly the way she's wearing it (but with a thin belt on the outside to help cinch my waist of course!)



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