Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brown Sugar

Valentine's day idea, numero dos:  Do something out of the ordinary.  

Whether it be with your friends or your significant other, try something different.  No, I'm not saying get buckwild and streak across town, but just something you haven't done...ever.  (Unless if streaking across town tickles your fancy, then go on with your bad self).  Otherwise, life is all about experiences and so why not experience something new?  

First off, try and guess what I plan to do based off of the outfit I am wearing while reading some styling tips I have for you guys...

Why, helllllooooooo there B-e-a-utiful!  How are yooooouuuuuuu doing today gorgeooussssss?!?!  ;)
Mixing two different kinds of prints is difficult since it can be quite harsh on the eyes.  Make sure to wear a solid neutral color to help balance the clashing prints, which I did with my brown faux leather jacket.  
I love the tiers on the dress.  It gives a more girly-look to the outfit, don't you think?  The material of the dress is very light so as you walk, the layers start swaying and create lots of movement. 
Shoes makes a difference on the wardrobe.  Go ahead and wear flats for when you are walking around town to do some errands, but slip on these heels to dress up the outfit.
A voila!
Have any ideas?

I'm not a big fan of brown or orange, but I would definitely rock this outfit on a date out to the movies just the way I'm wearing it or add some tights, a cowboy hat, and a pair of riding boots from Steve Madden and go horseback riding (weather permitted) with the lover or with the girlfriends.  

If money is an issue, consider going to a "Western Nightclub" like the Grizzly Rose instead, which I personally have never been to.  It really doesn't fit who I am as a person but I think it would be an interesting night with a group of girls (and guys!) pretending to be a cowgirl from the west.  Oh wait, we are from the west... Either way, round up your friends and start learning some new moves from the locals.  And if you really want to make your night full of laughter, try and teach a cowboy/cowgirl how to do the Cat Daddy or Dougie on the dance floor cause that alone will make your night.  If you need more help, the movie Footloose will definitely give you other ideas on what to wear to a barnyard event.  

Lina Chen

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