Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Romantic Picnic

Valentine's day is around the corner and I wanted to do a series of posts where I can share with you some of my ideas for that special day.

For my first Valentine's day post, I recommend to have a ROMANTIC PICNIC.

[ <3 ]
This idea is perfect for first dates and for those who like to spend countless hours with one another.  This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be dating.  It can be with your girlfriends or a special one-on-one girl/boy time with your best friend.  To make it more special, consider packing the lunches together.  Make it an experience that will make it memorable that only you and your friends or significant other can look back on (ie. baking a pie from scratch, cutting sandwiches into little hearts, etc.). 

Now what to wear to a picnic?  

Since it's a more casual setting, here is an outfit I put together: 

Inspired by the women of World War II, I rocked the denim shirt with the bandanna.  A tribute to all those hard-working women out there!

When it comes to piecing an outfit together, details are important.  To have a Valentine's feel to the look, I wore a red scarf around the crown of my head and created the petals of a flower with the ends of the scarf.  The flower is a small detail that makes a statement.  Same reason why the red adds a pop of color to my wardrobe since my outfit is full of neutrals and hues of blues.

Since the tails of the front of the shirt are longer than the back, I decided to tie a knot to help create that World War II look I'm going for.

Notice the print on the shirt?  Yup, just for Valentine's day...ain't it cute?

Now I wish I lived on the country-side of France, where golden rays of sunshine gleam against the green meadows of the hills, like the ones depicted in movies.  Then I would be able to walk outside with my blanket and picnic basket and enjoy the peaceful scenery as the sunsets, alone or with my lovers.   

I love to romanticize all day, everyday.  It's the hopeless romantic in me.

Lina Chen  

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