Monday, December 5, 2011

Granny Smith Apples

I normally don't wear clothes that have a small floral print to them.  It often reminds of me of the West.  That and grandmothers.  As I was at the H&M in San Jose on Santana Row, I came across this cute blouse.  It was the silhouette of it that caught my eye.  It was a sheer, thin button-up with two strips of fabric where the collar should be, allowing one to have the option to tie it in a bow or leave it hanging to create a more laid back look.  The sleeves resemble a bell with a slight outward curvature until it reaches the band cinching it around the wrist.  The only downfall to this shirt was that it was a bit short, but not quite a midriff and it wasn't necessarily tailored to hug the body.  There was still a hint of sophistication to it.  Originally, the color I wanted was this reddish-orangish hue that would make me any individual stand out, but the ugly floral print caught my eye too.

This past Saturday I was able to pair this ugly "granny" shirt with a turquoise cardigan I found in the spare room closet which used to belong to my mom.  The color of it is breathtaking, but the the cut of it...not so appealing.  

I've combined the two uglies together and came up with this:

Lina Chen

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  1. Cuuuute outfit! Great combination of colors and textures.