Monday, October 17, 2011

Denver Fashion Week

Friday, October 14th, 2011. 
And to you, I present photos from DFW:

Photographer: Michael Beckerman

Overall, it was a pleasant experience.  For once it’s nice to a be a part of the audience rather than being backstage with all the chaos—heart racing while doing last minute hand stitching placing models in order dress changes make-up and hair and giving a motivational speech right before the runway—you know, the whole spiel. 

Don’t think that I don’t miss it though because I do.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for my best friend Anh Thu, the one in the brown sweetheart dress with the orange ruffled bottom (which I proudly made), who so kindly invited me to come with her after having one free ticket to the event.  I felt like Charlie after discovering that he had the last Golden Ticket.  Ecstatic, my mind already envisions potential outfits for the night as I mentally go through every article of clothing in my closet.

Originally, I wanted to wear the dress that I had started a week before the event.  Keep in mind, I didn’t plan to wear it to 303 Magazine’s DFW so this was perfect timing.  This dress is simple yet elegant and accentuated certain parts of the body.  It had a strip of magenta silk down the middle of the front and the back of the dress creating an illusion that one’s figure is smaller.  Horizontal lines give more width to one’s build, vertical narrows the form.  The sides were made of black China silk—smooth to the touch—and worked well with the other fabric.  Problem was the instant I stitched the sleeve on; I fell completely out of love with the dress. 

Leaving the dress unfinished, I had to go with plan b and come up with an outfit a few hours before the event.  Luckily it turned out haute with a little bit of sex appeal (mainly the sweetheart top and the leather thigh highs) making me look a bit like dominatrix.

With Tyne and Zhanna
Me and my best friend, Anh Thu
Greatest part about Friday night?  Hanging out with my friends Anh Thu, Zhanna, and Tyne; but this was a reminder of how much I miss being the creative artist and designing under pressure to meet the fashion show deadline.  I know I said I would apply to fashion school and have yet to do so, but this pushes me to take chances and pursue fashion.  This is my calling and hope that I, too, can become a part of DFW or even better, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!  

Lina Chen

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