Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boho Chic

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I love Fall.  The warm hues of reds and oranges from the trees accenting the lively green grasses and the dark cocoa-colored tree trunks.  Change of atmosphere, change of look.  Here was yesterdays ensemble:

Feathers, fringe, and chains--oh my!  And my favorite nail polish from Revlon (Craving Coral #902).

Duck, duck...Goose?  Some folks don't like clogs.  I think they have a lot to say, ey?

Fashion tip of the day:  DETAILING IS KEY!  Check out my checkered lining in the leather jacket, my coral nails, black and gold watch, white braided belt matching the single stranded braid in my hair.  It's all in the details people.  Details. 

And voila...

The finishing look to my boho chic outfit.  Guess bell-bottom flares to create an illusion I have long legs, floral Guess button-up, tank slightly longer in the front creating a V shape, and a faux leather Jacket from Forever XXI to complete my outfit.  What do you think--a little too much?

Lina Chen

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