Monday, April 25, 2016

First Coachella Experience

Purchasing tickets through the Coachella website was insane.  I remember tickets went on sale June 2015 and as soon as it was 11AM Pacific Time, it seemed like everyone and their moms were on the website trying to get a chance at scoring bracelets for the holy grail of festivals.  I was sitting impatiently in front of my laptop screen in hopes that the pinwheel of death would eventually lead me to the next page. By the time the screen directed me to the next page, the only option available was Weekend 2.  Weekend 1 sold out in less than those what seemed like the longest 60 seconds of my life.  So bummed and surprised that Weekend 1 tickets sold out in under just under a minute, I almost decided not to go but the thought of “I’ll go next year”—like I said the past three years—killed me more than just purchasing Weekend 2 tickets. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015